Guests have been stopping by at the Esterhammer for many generations – either over a good meal in the restaurant or in one of our hotel rooms. This long history can be felt throughout the house and imbues it with a special atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the time has come to pause and consider what needs to be renewed.

Aussenansicht des Gasthof Esterhammer um 1890
Ansicht der Gaststube

Do not worry: our historic dining rooms will of course remain exactly as they are. However, other areas – such as our hotel rooms – can undoubtedly benefit from a thorough renovation. Additions such as a barrier-free access to the house and an elevator are also planned. On top of that, there are also some official requirements we have to implement.

Thus we will take enough time and want to find the right balance between the old and the new. Because if the substance that has grown over centuries can be combined with the comfort and technology of today, it should all come together to form a harmonious whole.

Therefore we closed for a few months in order to devote ourselves fully to this project.

A good thing takes time. Sometimes a lot more time than you expect. So, unfortunately we have to postpone the reopening date one more time. If everything goes smoothly from now on, we will be back for you with fresh momentum in early summer 2020.

IF you have one of our restaurant vouchers (Schlemmergutschein): The redemption period will be extended by the closing time. However, as this is longer than planned, we are also willing to repay the voucher amount (in cash or by bank transfer). This applies to paid vouchers issued on 1. January 2015 or later. For further details please contact us via e-mail: 

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