We renovate, restore and renew

The renovation work in our house has now almost been completed, but unfortunately everything takes a little longer in times of Corona. We cannot give an exact date yet – but it will not be very long before the restaurant will open again. Here is a brief overview of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Our dining rooms have been carefully restored. There will be a barrier-free access into the house and the “Zirbensaal” on the 1st floor (with elevator!), New toilet facilities, some technical updates for the kitchen and a lot of work that you hardly will notice afterwards (house technology, fire protection, etc.) have been carried out.

  • We will also set up a small museum on the first floor. The last 2 years we have had enough time to go through all the things that have accumulated in the past centuries. We have found so many interesting things that we would like to present. Ines, who has since become self-employed (see www.blickfisch.at), will take this into hand.

  • There is also less good news: Until further notice, we will no longer offer hotel accommodation, only the restaurant will reopen. We are aware that this may be a shock for many of our loyal guests, but we really did not take the decision lightly. Ultimately, however, there were several reasons that led us to this cut.

archive work

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our hotel guests for their long-term loyalty. We hope that you will continue to have many wonderful memories of our house, just as we like to remember the time when you were our guest.

archive work
archive work

If you have one of our restaurant vouchers (Schlemmergutschein): The redemption period will be extended by the closing time. However, as this is longer than planned, we are also willing to repay the voucher amount (in cash or by bank transfer). This applies to paid vouchers issued on 1. January 2016 or later. For further details please contact us via e-mail: voucher@esterhammer.at 

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